LIGHT & SHADOW Collection

You are light and shadow, decisive and dynamic. A multitasking woman who lives life in a deep and lively way. Just as light transforms herself during the day, your face lights up with ever-changing shades thanks to the Evagarden Perfector Concealer. A make-up / no make-up that touches up, defines, enhances and sculpts. The perfect combination? The radiant finish of the illuminating Sticklight and the soft focus effect of the Velvet Matte eye shadow: to feel yourself at any time of the day. Be as you wish: a unique combination of Light & Shadows.


The basis of your beauty, MATTE and FLARE PRIMER, MICELLAR SENSITIVE and HYDRAFIX, for a luminous complexion, for a healthy and well-groomed appearance, that will make your face glow highlighting every make-up.



Give in to colour, tap into unlimited energy. Be as vibrant, unique and intense as bustling city nightlife. One gaze, your gaze, is enough to attract light: this is COLOUR VIBES, the Evagarden “chic collection” that will make your eyes look even more seductive, offering virtually limitless #fullcolour effects. A combination of VIOLET STARDUST GLITTER EYESHADOW and hints of MINT green with the ALL IN ONE EYESHADOW. Your Beauty Vibes shine through your dramatic, graphic eye makeup thanks to COLOUR VIBES MASCARA. Now join in, experience the night, unleash your colours. Good vibes.

DIAMOND Collection

Choosing the perfect makeup for a special evening it’s not an easy job. You want to feel attractive and at the same time essential. If you could be yourself or beyond  yourself, what would you choose? You can be both with Evagarden. We believe each woman is unique like the most precious stone: the DIAMOND. This is the inspiration for the new Evagarden collection “Diamond”: beyond beauty. A new touch of light to enhance your beauty. Lips are the main focus for this collection. Lips which are not only sensual but they can have a different mood based on different moments of the day. This is how the Gloss Diamond is born. One product that can be applied in many different ways. Used on it’s own helps to create luminosity and volume. Used as a top coat could give a “plump effect”. From the lips to the eyes: with our eyes we seduce, we capture other people’s attention. It’s magnetism, isn’t it?  The new Evagarden “Wonder Long Mascara” is magnetic, intense and vibrating. We think of a dynamic woman who thinks #beyondbeauty like we do. So we have payed attention to the face, by adding the Superpearly Illuminant moon Highlighter, for an amazing lunar strobing effect. Diamond is a revolutionary collection with a clear message: it’s time to shine and be yourself at the same time.


Rock, glam and extremely sexy is the new Evagarden Collection.

Lips are covered in a sensational full liquid matte color for an excellent pay off. Metallic,silky and extreme longwear finish. Lips are a glamorous statement with the six new shades of The Matte Liquid in metallic and frost. Smooth Lip Primer: the new Evagarden secret weapon for flawess lips. The perfect base to enhance and improve any applied lip product. Hydrating and smoothing for an even lipstick application. Eyes are even deeper and magnetic with two new All In One Twist Up Eyeshadows in Deep Black and Plum. Eyebrows are extremely groomed and defined with Precision Eyebrow Pencil for an appealing eye look. The seducing and silky Ultra Matte is now melting with the sparkling energy of the metallic finish for a sensational Metal Velvet makeup.

STARDUST Collection

The world of beauty is now even shinier with STARDUST, the new Evagarden collection! Glitter comes to life and is the true star of the beauty look. The eyes sparkle with lots of glitter thanks to the STARDUST GLITTER EYE SHADOWS, which have a multidimensional, metallic and luminous finish, the perfect mix of pearls and glitter. For irresistible evening looks and original day looks, to intensify the eyes, making them look sensational.
With the All in One Twist up Eye Shadow: Eye shadow, eyeliner and kajal in a single product with a special triangular tip: all your make up looks will be easy, quick, striking and long-lasting, for bold make up without boundaries! Practical and versatile, you can apply it as eye shadow across the whole eyelid, draw a line just above the lash line as an eyeliner for a fashionable, graphic make up look, or you can apply it on the inner eye as a kajal, for greater luminosity and depth.
STARDUST GLITTER and ALL IN ONE TWIST UP EYE SHADOWS, two ultra-versatile must-haves to be used individually, together or with other eye shadows depending on the desired effect, for absolutely original and unforgettable make up.
Perfect lips at all times with the extended range of ULTRALASTING LIPSTICKS in the shades dark nude, natural purple and deep purple, ideal for both luminous and matte make up.
Create an elegant, shimmery look with STARDUST, light up your eyes to always look radiant!

Velvet Kiss Collection

A collection that is both delicate and sensuous, just like the revolutionary The Matte Liquid Lipstick, an extraordinary concentration of pure liquid colour, intense and vibrant, which, for the first time, combines an ultra matte finish, extreme durability and surprising comfort.
Matte lips, for an extreme matte effect without compromise, but with a hi-tech formula that ensures perfect durability, extraordinary adhesion and hydration. Each “KISS” has its colour, choosing from intense RED (Cold Kiss and Hot Kiss), seductive MAUVE (Funny Kiss and Seduction Kiss) and sophisticated NUDE shades (Nude Kiss and Soft Kiss), combined with Superlast lip pencils in the same shades to define lip contours and enhance volume.
For timeless glamour, the look is complemented with radiant skin and a “bonne mine” effect, with highlighted areas that shine thanks to the Bronzer Emulsion. It is a pearly emulsion with an extremely soft and moisturising texture and a slightly iridescent finish, for radiant luminosity.
Velvet Kiss: soft lips like a velvet kiss, for a bold and sophisticated look!


Appointment at Cosmoprof from 16th to 19th March

EVAGARDEN MAKE UP is waiting for you to present a preview of the spring-summer collection 2018, and show you our new projects!
Come and discover the secrets of a successful make up!

This year, EVAGARDEN proudly sponsors BOUTIQUE, the "Charity Project" signed by Cosmoprof, now in its seventh edition. All the proceeds from the initiative will be donated to IRST - the Romagnolo Scientific Institute for the Study and Treatment of Tumours.


Waiting for you here:
Cosmoprof, BOLOGNA
PAV 37 / BOOTH  B106 -C105
From 16th to 19th March 2017

GALAXY GLAM Collection

Evagarden goes beyond the boundaries of beauty and crosses the space to discover galactic destinations, where make-up has the colours of the Aurora borealis and the brightness of star dust, for an elegant glamour and beyond the schemes. Eyes highlighted with Celestial eye shadows applied to the entire eyelid for a cosmic effect in Light Star, Supernova and Big Bang colours, combined with luminous superlast eye pencils in the colours Burgundy Star, Starlight, Galaxy Storm, Aurora Borealis, Guiding Star, Cosmic Black and Blue sky, to be used with full and decisive strokes or to shade, merging colours between them for galactic effects. The combination of shimmering glitter and vibrant nuances with unique reflections, creates an extraordinary, incredibly glam lighting effect, for a make-up look studded with pure light details with a "Glow from the space" effect!
Complete the look Galaxy Glam with natural lips covered with BB Lipstick in nude tones for a galactic beauty, without borders!


An elegant, seductive collection focused on the undisputed charm of velvet-effect lips, wearing the new, revolutionary The Matte Evagarden lipstick: a concentration of colour, comfort, extreme hold and matte effect never seen before.

Lips like rose petals, an intense, saturated colour, full and covering, in the Evagarden shades of daring Amaranth, bewitching Purple Red, enigmatic Plum, visionary Red Crush, intriguing Lilac and fascinating Deep Pink.

Colour-saturated eyes with the new Twist Ups. Hyper-pigmented colour and metal finish is what has to be worn. Smokey eye allows unexpected nuances and contours have no limits, going from enveloping, elegant nuances to more graphic traits defining the gaze. Prune, Metallic Mauve, Brown and Grey for more decided looks, Rose Shine for a nude gaze with a sparkling finish and intriguing points of light.

Velvet crush, for a luxury, sensual, velvet look.


Lightness meets perfection and creates Supreme, the EVAGARDEN collection which is a reminder of authentic, original, simple and pure beauty, emerging from a perfect, sublimated, natural incarnation.
The keywords are Lightness and Perfection which take shape with simple gestures thanks to the use of Supreme Foundation, from the characteristic doser dropper with a technological formula that covers transparently and lightly and thanks to the "Eyebrow Perfect Kit", which includes everything you need to fill, shape and fix your eyebrows with an impeccable wear. Two indispensable tools to recreate the natural beauty of the face, bringing out the most true and pure charm.
To complete a natural beauty look Evagarden suggests to apply warm and neutral shades on the lips that play the tone on tone effect.

HydraOne -Skin Care to GO -

With at least 75% of water in each formula, HydraOne is a never-ending source of hydration for the skin.
Lotion, Mask, Serum, Gel Cream, presented in a revolutionary single-dose packaging, specially designed, unique and innovative.

#EASY: it opens effortlessly with one hand.
#PRACTICAL: it eliminates waste, you apply just the right amount.
#RESISTANT: both travelling and in the everyday life, both in the pocket and in your bag without the risk of leaks and spills.
#HYGIENIC: Always new until completely used.

Each item is available in packs of 28 units (8 for the mask), respecting the full course of facial skin cell renewal to achieve maximum effectiveness, or in packs of 14 units (4 for the mask) to start trying the line.

HydraOne is conceived to go beyond intense hydration delivery by improving the skin’s self-moisturizing ability.

EVAGARDEN SEACAVIAR Precious Anti Age Skin Care

In the depths of pristine waters, where nature comes to life in its purest form, Sea caviar is born. A unique alga with extraordinary nutritional properties, the longevity secret of the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa. Thanks to the most advanced research laboratories in the world, EVAGARDEN has managed to combine, in a perfect balance, sea caviar with rice protein, creating an extract that strengthens the deepest layer of the epidermis. EVAGARDEN SEACAVIAR exploits the incredible beneficial properties of plant stem cells, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin to protect the skin against premature ageing. Evagarden Seacaviar: TRILOGY for outstanding beauty.

A serum, a face cream and an eye cream, suitable for day and night, form a system of optimal treatment to rejuvenate your skin every day, since the first application! Brighter, smoother, toned and younger skin... regenerated day by day! For all types of skin.